Natural Wellness Spa
Lisa Woods L.N.M.T./Esthetician

Services and Rates

Investing in massage and skin care is an investment in your health.


The session lengths are "hands on time", so please arrive 15 minutes early to complete your health form so that we may start your session on time.

Massage Services

Swedish Massage is relaxing and therapeutic, incorporating long rhythmic strokes of light and medium press  Benefits include the release of tension,toxins, stress and fatigue creating a sense of well being.

Deep‚Äč Tissue specific pressure given to trigger points to help treat deep knotted muscles helping relieve aching muscles and help ease pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy stretches, strengthens and re-educates the injured area allowing the body to heal and return to it's natural state. This technique benefits whiplash, TMJ disorders, sciatica, frozen shoulder, knee injuries, back injuries, postural distortion, carpal tunnel, golfer and tennis elbow

Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) is a soft touch, restorative therapy that has developed from the discovery of, and the interacting with the cranial rhythm.  Some very light holds on the cranial bones, spine and sacrum can facilitate a release in tension and thereby promote an environment for natural healing from within to occur.  Cranial Sacral can assist in reaching conditions like migraines, learning disabilities, poor concentration, ADHD, autism, chronic fatigue, motor impairments and improves brain and spinal cord functions.

Hot Stone Massage Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with hot/cold therapy.  Smooth, polished Basalt Stones are heated/cooled and incorporated into a massage to help loosen tight muscles, ease tension, relieve stress and increase circulation.

Rates                                                                                         Add On's

60 min. $70.00                                                                       Aromatherapy   $5.00

90 min. $100.00                                                                     Hand or Foot Scrub    $8.00

Hot Stone Massage 60 min $90.00                                    Hot Stones (spot treatment) $10.00

Hot Stone Massage 90 min $120.00


Facial Services

Express Facial This personalized facial includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, mask and moisturizer for the person on the go. 30 min

Spa Facial This personalized facial includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, massage and a customized mask to help revitalize the skin.

Back Facial This personalized back facial is designed to address concerns to hard to reach areas.  You will experience cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions and a customized mask followed by massage to the treated area. 

Rates                                                                                              Add on's

30 min. $40.00                                                                                Microdermabrasion  $25.00

60 min. $70.00


Waxing Services

Brow $13                               Lip $10                                         Eye & Lip $20

Chin $10                                Full Face $30                               Back $50

Bikini $35                               1/2 Leg $40                                 Full Leg $65

1/2 Arm $30                           Full Arm $40                          


Body services

Body Polish 30 min $35.00

Body Polish and Wrap $75.00